Baby wearing organic sunscreen on the beach

The Best Organic Sunscreen For Babies – 2022

Get Ready For Summer Safely Finally, the weather is starting to change and summer is definitely in the air. At least here in Portugal, it is anyway. And as the sunshine starts bringing the heat, it’s time to step up our game in the protection department. But what is the

Mother taking a child's temperature with a no touch thermometer

What’s The Best No Touch Thermometer – 2022

When your little one is feeling under the weather you can have a hard time trying to figure out what’s wrong. Having a thermometer that will give you a quick and accurate reading can help put your mind at rest or let you know that it’s time to visit the

Fresh Green Aloe Vera

Green People UK – A Review Of Green People Organic Lifestyle Company

I first came across this company during my pregnancy, when I was trying to find natural, organic products to use when my baby was born. I browsed the website and thought that this looked like the kind of stuff I’d been looking for; natural, organic ingredients, gentle formulas, no added

Buzz Free Zone Gel Review- The Best All Natural Mosquito Repellent

Name: Buzz Free Zone Gel Website: Price: £9.50 Overall Rank: 10/10 What Is Buzz Free Zone Gel? Buzz Free Zone Gel is an organic and vegan,all-natural mosquito repellent. It’s a light, non-greasy gel made from the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer: Aloe Vera Geranium Basil Lemongrass Geranium

Best Baby Teething Toys – Top Rated Teething Toys To Brighten Baby’s Day

Teething is a tough phase for a baby. They’re in pain. They’re feeling lousy. They’re irritable and generally just fed up. You can’t blame them. When you think about what’s actually happening to them it must be pretty horrible. Luckily we can’t remember going through it and neither will they

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Reviews – Why You Need One Now

Name: Baltic Wonder Amber Teething Necklace Website: Price: $19.99 Overall Rank: 9/10   What Is An Amber Teething Necklace? You may think that these cool little teething necklaces are some new fad but in Europe we’ve been using amber, a hardened tree resin, for its health benefits for centuries. When amber

How to Make Learning Fun for Kids: Educational Ideas

School programs have certainly looked different these past couple of years. Many parents are struggling to keep their kids engaged, focused, and on track. Understanding how to make learning fun for kids can really help. It’s ok to feel frustrated sometimes. The good news is that there are resources at

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Self-Care Ideas for Kids & Why It’s So Important

Self-care is important for everyone, but offering some self-care ideas for kids is especially important. Their lives are full of so many different activities and responsibilities, and the more tired they are, the less energy they have to do all those things. Most adults understand the importance of self-care in

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A Christmas Eve Box – The Perfect Way To Start The Festivities

A Christmas Eve Box – A Passing Trend Or A New Tradition? You may have heard a lot of references to a Christmas Eve Box lately. The idea certainly seems to have become quite popular over the last few years. There’s plenty of evidence on Instagram and Pinterest, with 1000s

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How To Take Great Halloween Baby Photos – As An Amateur

I love Halloween. It’s my favourite holiday. I guess it’s because I’m a massive horror film fan. My friends and I always dressed up and threw a Halloween Party. Things are a little different now I’m a mum. Carving out pumpkins and traipsing around the neighbourhood collecting candy is how

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What Is Pagophagia? Weird Pregnancy Cravings With Even Weirder Names

Pregnant & Craving Ice? Here’s Why… Pagophagia. Funny word, isn’t it? Probably not one you’ve heard very often, but you may well have experienced it. So, What is Pagophagia? Pagophagia is a strong desire to eat ice, frost, or other really cold things. It’s a particular form of Pica, an

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