A Christmas Eve Box – The Perfect Way To Start The Festivities

A Christmas Eve Box – A Passing Trend Or A New Tradition?

You may have heard a lot of references to a Christmas Eve Box lately. The idea certainly seems to have become quite popular over the last few years. There’s plenty of evidence on Instagram and Pinterest, with 1000s of photos being posted of people’s creations.

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

A Christmas Eve Box is an assortment of small gifts, presented in a beautifully decorated box, on Christmas Eve. The idea is thought to have originated in Europe, where many countries celebrate the festivities on the 24th. The gifts inside are usually small and inexpensive. They can be anything you can think of that will make the night before Christmas even more enjoyable.

What To Put In A Christmas Eve Box?

Keep the gifts you put inside your Christmas Eve Box small and not too pricy. It should complement the excitement of Christmas Day, not compete with it. Think about who the box is for, what is its aim, and what sort of thing your intended recipient will like.

If you’re making a Christmas Eve Box for kids then your aim is probably going to be to keep them entertained so that you can get on with the preparations for the next day. Children tend to get extremely overexcited as Christmas Day nears, and giving them a few little gifts on Christmas Eve can help calm their anticipation a bit which is a gift to everyone else around them.

Getting your kid to go to bed on Christmas Eve night can be tricky. No matter how tired they are, they’re determined to keep going till Santa arrives. A Christmas Eve Box with some cozy pyjamas, some hot chocolate, and a Christmas storybook may help you encourage them into bed a bit earlier. Don’t include too many sweets though, that won’t help your cause.

If you’re planning on giving a box to a new mum, or any parent for that matter, you should fill it with things that are going to help them relax and unwind before the big day. Some tasty treats, a scented candle, a classic film, and maybe a cheeky bottle of Baileys will do the trick.

How To Build A Christmas Eve Box

A Christmas Eve Box can be put together in any container you like. Decorated wooden boxes and crates are most aesthetically pleasing. And they are also the most eco-friendly as they’ll be saved as a keepsake and can be reused. 

Cardboard boxes work well. They are cheap and easy to decorate. You could use a plastic box but that would be a bit more difficult to make look nice. You can even use a sack if you want to, or a pillowcase. It’s really up to you. The Christmas period is so busy anyway, there’s no shame in using whatever you have to hand that makes life a little easier.

Get as creative as you like with the decoration. Use paints, stickers, glitter, ribbons, tinsel. At this time of year, there’s a lot of stuff hanging around. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with your box. But cash, time, and will are the actual limits so just do what you can and don’t feel bad about it.

If you can’t lay your hands on a suitable box you can order one from Amazon, decorated or undecorated.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Many of the gifts inside your Christmas Eve Box are going to be of a similar ilk. Pyjamas, chocolates, books, blankets are all things that will be suitable for everyone. Beyond that, you can tailor your box to its recipient with more personalized ideas. Below I’ll list a few ideas for Christmas Eve Boxes for toddlers, older children, parents, and grandparents.

There’s no reason why you can’t put together a family Christmas Eve Box that everyone can open and enjoy together. Obviously, this will be an easier task if there are only 3 or 4 of you. But the more the merrier is a very Christmassy idea, so why not just get a bigger box?

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Toddlers

Something Tasty -A few little chocolates or marshmallows won’t hurt. Just don’t let them eat too much sugar before bed.Personalised Chocolate Coins for Christmas

Something Cosy – A cute, Christmassy onesie

Cute Christmas Baby Pyjamas

Something Cuddly – This reindeer is adorable

Cuddly Christmas Reindeer

And this light polar bear is pretty cool too

Something To Play – Remember  Fuzzy Felts? This will take you back.

Something to Read – 

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Kids

Something Tasty – This giant  chocolate snowman will keep them quiet for a while

Something Cozy – Christmas pyjamas with a dino-twist will satisfy most young boys tastes

These happy little snowman ones are great too
Something To Cuddle –
This Mrs Claus is just too sweet

Something To Play – This will keep them busy while you baste the turkey

Something to Read – This book aims to make kids understand that Christmas is about more than just receiving gifts

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Teenagers

Something Tasty – Treat them to some giant marshmallows for roasting on the fireSomething Cosy – This super-sized sweater is super cosy to snuggle up in

Something To Play – Get them the perfectly named game and get the whole family involved
Something To Watch – Everybody loves Will FerrellAnd you never grow out of Home Alone

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Adults

Something Tasty – Rich hot chocolate that you won’t want to shareOr something for when the kids have gone to bedSomething Cosy – Well, it’s certainly festive and cozyI can’t decide whether it’s gross or hilarious, but it’s definitely differentSomething To Watch – Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it

A Little Tipple – A nice bottle of baileys or brandy will go well with the hot chocolate. Or whip up some fancy cocktails with this super cool kit

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Grandparents

Something Tasty – These are easy on the denturesOr some chocolates with a kickSomething Cosy – These slippers are cosy and cool

And grandma will love theseSomething for the Tree – Who knows? It may turn out to be a Christmas we’ll want to rememberAnd a photo of the family will finish the tree off perfectlySomething Scented – Set the Christmas mood with spiced cranberry and cinnamon scents

Something To Watch –  The ultimate feel good Christmas movie

Final Thoughts

Christmas Eve Boxes are a lovely idea and are something that you can turn into a personal family tradition. We’re all kids at Christmas and we’re all going to love getting extra presents. You can really personalise your box. This list of Christmas Eve Box ideas is just a general guide to the sorts of things that are suitable, but you can get really imaginative with your gifts. You know your recipient, think about the kinds of things that they will appreciate and expand on them. You won’t go far wrong.

Don’t forget to drop a few hints with the family. It would be a shame if you were the only one without a box to open on Christmas Eve.



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