What’s The Best No Touch Thermometer – 2023

When your little one is feeling under the weather you can have a hard time trying to figure out what’s wrong. Having a thermometer that will give you a quick and accurate reading can help put your mind at rest or let you know that it’s time to visit the doctor. So what’s the best no touch thermometer?

The Best No Touch Thermometer of 2022 is;

  1.  The Bestselling No Touch Forehead Thermometer by iHealth
  2. Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer (FKA The Nokia Thermo)
  3. Beitesi Digital Forehead Thermometer Gun
  4. Marbaka No Touch Digital Infrared Thermometer
  5. Eccomum No Touch Infrared Scanner

Choosing A Thermometer

No Touch Baby Thermometers are probably the best choice right now, what with the Coronavirus doing the rounds. You want to keep everything as sterile as possible, especially where your baby is concerned, so an infrared thermometer that doesn’t need to come into contact with the skin is a good idea.

Until recently it was always advisable to use a rectal thermometer on babies under 3 months old to get the most accurate reading, but according to the Mayo Clinic studies have shown that temporal artery readings can be just as accurate. The temporal artery runs across the forehead and down the side of the face. This is considered the ideal place to get the most accurate temperature reading as the blood that pumps through comes directly from the core of the body.

An Ear Thermometer is OK for older toddlers and children but babies’ ears are too small to get a very accurate reading. The old-style thermometers with mercury inside aren’t safe to use with kids in case they get damaged and the mercury leaks out. Digital oral thermometers are pretty accurate, as long as you can get your child to keep it in their mouth long enough. You can use this type under the arm as well but readings from under the arm aren’t very precise.

Infrared thermometers seem to be the best choice all around, and the fact that you can use most of them on adults and children is an added bonus as one thermometer will suffice for the whole family.

Child’s Temperature Chart


Using Infrared Thermometers

We are all individuals so it’s important to have a rough idea of what you and your baby’s normal temperature is so that you can know if the reading is unusual. When you buy your thermometer you should take your baby’s temperature about 5-10 times in one minute – when they’re feeling well and haven’t been rushing around, obviously – then use the highest number as your reference.

Make sure that their forehead is clean when using the thermometer. You don’t want sweat, grease or makeup affecting the reading. Another thing that can alter the reading is strong Electro Magnetic interference, so don’t use it too close to a working microwave, induction cooker or cellphone.

If you’re storing your thermometer in a room that is much colder or hotter than the room you plan to use it in then give it at least 30 minutes in the new location before use, so that it can acclimatise. Likewise, don’t try to take a temperature in front of a working air conditioner or radiator, or in a steamy bathroom.

1. The Bestselling No Touch Forehead Thermometer by iHealth

Price: $99.95
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.8 x 2.6 inches ; 5.6 ounces
14 x 4.5 x 6.6 cm ; 159 grams
Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. (included)

This high tech thermometer is one of the most popular, and for good reason. It’s a medical level digital thermometer that can be easily used at home. You can use it on both babies and adults which is a bonus as it means you’ll only need this one thermometer for the whole family. The fact that it’s a non contact thermometer makes it really hygienic for you all to use, a really important thing to consider at the moment with Covid-19 going around.

The iHealth takes just 1 second to record an accurate temperature by measuring Infrared energy emitted from the forehead. You don’t even have to touch it to your child’s skin so you can take their temperature while they’re sleeping without having to disturb them. It has a large, bright LED display so you’ll be able to read it easily, day or night. And it gently vibrates to let you know it’s ready so you won’t have to worry about any annoying beeps waking your little bub up.

The iHealth thermometer has a smart distance sensor which will only record the temperature if you are within 1 inch of the skin, making sure that it gives you the most accurate reading. In fact, during lab testing the readings were all within 0.4°F, which is really accurate. It even has environmental sensors that adjust to keep the readings precise.

I also like the sleek, easy to hold design. A lot of infrared thermometers are quite big and bulky but this one is actually really nice looking. There is only one button on it, that’s all it needs. That and the large display make it so easy to use that you can ask your child to take your temperature too, they’ll love it.

Another great feature is that you can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius just by pressing and holding the button down for 8 seconds. I really like this feature as I’m from the UK and am used to using the Fahrenheit system, but my husband is Portuguese and uses Celsius. This saves a lot of time checking the Google temperature converter!


  • Ultra Sensitive Infrared Sensor, collects more than 100 data points per second
  • Distance Sensor
  • Environmental Sensor
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius Mode
  • Readings in 1 Second
  • Large LED Display
  • Safe & Easy To Use
  • Silent Vibration Alert
  • FDA cleared for safety & accuracy
  • Complies with all the FDA, ASTM and ISO requirements for safety and home usage accuracy
  • Sleek Design


2. Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer (FKA The Nokia Thermo)

Price: $99.99
Product Dimensions: 4.6 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches ; 2.72 ounces
11.6 x 3.3 x 3.3 cm : 77 grams
Batteries 2 AAA batteries required. (included)

The Withings Thermo (formally the Nokia Thermo until Nokia took over Withings) is quite similar to the iHealth Thermometer in many ways. It can be used on both adults and babies so again you’ll only need to buy one thermometer for use on the whole family. It’s a no touch thermometer so is very hygienic, just hold it 1 cm away from the centre of the forehead and move it left or right. It will also work fine if it’s held against the skin at the temple but it’s supposed to be a no touch forehead thermometer. It gives medical grade results on a large, easy to read display

The Thermo is extremely precise, measuring within 0.4°F in lab tests, just like the iHealth. It has 16 infrared sensors that take over 4000 measurements to provide a highly-accurate result every time. It just takes a second to get an accurate reading, plus it has a colour coded fever detector alongside the display so you can tell at a glance if anything is out of the ordinary.

It’s non-invasive so you can take your child’s temperature while they sleep, without causing any discomfort. The bright display is easy to read and the gentle vibration it gives to let you know that it’s taken the reading won’t wake anybody up.

It has both Fahrenheit and Celsius modes, and a clean, simple design, but the one thing it has that the iHealth does not is the ability to connect to the Withings Thermo app. It connects to Android (6.0 and higher) and iPhone (iOS 8 and higher) via WiFi or Bluetooth and you can use it with more than one phone. The app supports up to 8 people so you can put in all your names and photos if you like, and the Thermo will sync automatically, assigning readings to the correct person.

The Thermo App offers advanced health advice based on the age, fever history and symptoms of each person. You can also add comments and medications, and set reminders so that you can keep track of any changes and have all the info at your fingertips to share with your doctor if need be.

Sounds like a great feature, and it is as long as it’s working well. As with all technology, there are sometimes bugs and a few people have complained that it doesn’t work very well or that they can’t use the thermometer without using the app. Withings say that the thermometer can absolutely be used alone, without the app, as the reading is displayed directly on the thermometer.

These issues seem to affect a very small number of people though. Most of the reviewers on Amazon have given the Withings Thermometer a 5 star rating.


  • High Precision Infrared Sensors that take over 4000 measurements
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius Mode
  • Automatic Synchronisation with the app
  • Multi User Functionality
  • Quick Readings
  • Large LED Display
  • Safe & Easy To Use
  • Silent Vibration Alert
  • Colour Coded Fever Alert
  • Batteries last for up to two years and are replaceable
  • Sleek Design


3. Beitesi Digital Forehead Thermometer Gun

Price: $99.99
Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 1.8 x 5.5 inches
2 x 4.5 x 14 cm : 173 grams
2 x AAA Batteries (Not Included)

The Beitesi Smart Thermometer is another sleek design model with the option to measure temperature from the forehead, the ear or the wrist. You can use it for both children and adults and it has separate modes for each. It’s actually one of the best no touch baby thermometers on the market, with nothing but 5 star reviews on Amazon.

It’s very easy to use both day and night, with a large LCD screen that lights up in three different colours to alert you if someone has a fever. It also has a silent mode so it won’t disturb the baby if you’re taking their temperature while they sleep. It’s very rapid in its response too, with readings taken in just 1 second, and with its single button operation it’s literally just point and click.

This infrared thermometer is very user-friendly and easy to set up. You can change between Fahrenheit and Celsius mode simply by flicking the switch next to the battery. To take the ear temperature you just remove the probe cover and point it into the ear canal, it still doesn’t have to touch the skin so it’s very hygienic.

This little smart thermometer can also be used to take the temperature of the babies bottle, the bath water, her bedroom, or even his porridge. And it displays the last temperature taken as well as the new reading so it’s easy to compare and keep a check on how things are developing. It’s a great little all-rounder and it’s FDA approved.


  • Highly Accurate
  • Advanced Sensor Technologies
  • The Latest Built-in Smart Chip
  • Sound or Silent Mode
  • Large Back-lit LCD Screen
  • Intelligent Light Indicator for Fever
  • ℃/℉ Switchable
  • User-friendly Design
  • Adult or Child Mode
  • Forehead, Ear or Object mode
  • Automatic power-off time: 10 seconds
  • 40 Sets of Memory Data


4. Marbaka No Touch Digital Infrared Thermometer

Price: $68.49

This design is a bit bulkier and has a trigger so it can properly be describe as a Thermometer Gun. It feels well-made and has an ergonomic grip, and the kids are going to love playing with it.

The Marbaka Infrared is a non contact forehead thermometer but it also has an object mode so that you can check the temperature of babies milk and food too, simply point and click. It can take temperatures from as far as 5 to 8 cm away so you definitely won’t have to disturb a sleeping baby.

The large HD LCD screen is easy to read, day or night, so you won’t need to turn on the lights, and it will give you a reading in just 1 second. This digital thermometer also has both Fahrenheit and Celsius mode which is really handy.


  • Highly Accurate
  • Large HD LCD Screen
  • ℃/℉ Switchable
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Person or Object Mode


5. Eccomum No Touch Infrared Scanner

Price: $49.95

The Eccomum Non Contact Thermometer has a slim, compact design. It’s easy to hold, simple to use, and as it’s a no touch thermometer it’s the most hygienic option if you’re looking for a thermometer that can be used by the whole family. Unfortunately this is something that you really need to think about, especially at the moment with this pandemic we are all living with.

The LED Screen is easy to see, even in the dark. And the instant response reader will give you a result in just one second so it’s quick and non-intrusive if you’re trying to take a temperature while baby sleeps. The screen a happy face/sad face alert to let you know if the reading is normal or not. It also has a red/yellow/green colour coded system to alert you of any issues, and will beep softly a fever is detected. This is a great little feature to give you peace of mind.

You can use this thermometer to take temperatures from the forehead or the ear, and it will also take the temperature of objects and rooms.


  • Fast 1 Second Reading
  • Colour Coded LED Display
  • Person and Object Mode
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius Mode
  • 32 Sets of Memory Data
  • Backed by Clinical Studies
  • Certified by CE and FCC
  • Made Of Medical Grade Materials
  • Fever Warning System



So there you have it, a list of the best No Touch Forehead Thermometers available right now. They seem to be a very popular item at the moment. Stocks were coming in and going out as quick as I was putting this article together.  I’m assuming it’s because of the Coronavirus as a high temperature is one of the most obvious symptoms. These particular ones are a good investment though, as they can be used on the whole family.

I hope this was on some help to you if you’re looking to buy an infrared thermometer. I’ve tried to gather as much information for each as I can. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you.


Debbie x


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  1. Since the birth of our grand baby, I have been looking for a digital thermometer to use. I like that in about a second, I can tell what temp Maezlee has. I didn’t know that the Mayo clinic was now supporting the use of them too. Like you pointed out, there are so many to choose from and I have been looking online and reading reviews, but since you put all of this information on just one page, it is easier for me to make a decision on which one I want to buy. Thank you for that.

    1. Glad to be of service Greg. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to go through everything ourselves, that’s why I always check out best ofs and reviews online. It’s a handy way to get the info quickly. Hope you find one that you like.
      Take care, Debbie x

  2. Thank you so much for this highly informative article! I have just invested in a no-touch thermometer, and I definitely feels that is actually records my and my mother’s temperatures. I do not have any children, but my little cousins often visit, and I have been taking their temperatures as well for precautionary reasons. I will definitely share your page with my friends and family. God bless you!

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