How to Teach Kids to Love Learning and Discover Their Full Potential

School programs have certainly looked different these past couple of years. Many parents are struggling to keep their kids engaged, focused, and on track. Understanding how to make learning fun for kids can really help.

It’s ok to feel frustrated sometimes. The good news is that there are resources at your disposal to help your child better understand specific subjects or just expand their learning in general.

Here are some tips from InstaGreen Baby to help get you started.

How to Make Learning Fun for Kids: Educational Ideas

These educational ideas will make learning fun & keep your child engaged.

Let Them Play: Why Kids Need Play

These days, kids have access to a tonne of materials and resources that make learning fun, such as video games and online lessons. Not only are there options made explicitly for educational purposes, but there are also many more virtual opportunities now for things like museum tours.

How to make learning fun online

Play is vitally important as it gives children autonomy and a chance to be creative and make their own choices. Offering your child some freedom when it comes to choosing how to learn will keep them engaged and help build their self-confidence.

Think about how you can incorporate some fun activities into your child’s curriculum, whilst giving them the space they need to grow. Preparing some options beforehand will make sure you have the right tools from the get-go.

How to Make Learning Fun & Interesting

You don’t have to rely on video games to help make learning fun. Look for ways to incorporate things your child is already interested in, such as a fun home science experiment or a book about their favourite subject.

Be sure to get involved yourself. Read up on your child’s interests and discuss them over dinner or come up with a plan to help her create her own business out of a hobby.

The more you can make learning seem like a worthy pursuit, the easier it will be for your child to want to get involved.

Get Moving

Education doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Taking the learning process outside the classroom can be invigorating and inspiring, and it can even help you and your child fit in some physical activity for your physical and mental health.

Whether your child is going to in-person classes or is learning at home, utilize good-weather days asChild hold colourful autumn leaves much as possible by getting outside and finding educational opportunities.

Taking nature walks where you and your child look for interesting items — strangely shaped leaves, shells, rocks, and insects, to name a few — is a great way to work a science lesson into the day while you enjoy the sunshine. Ask your child to keep a nature journal where they can write observations and paste keepsakes.

If the weather doesn’t accommodate outdoor activities, find ways to stay active at home. You can incorporate exercise into any part of the day, even while you’re cooking together. Staying fit is an essential part of living healthy and without stress.

Self-care is extremely important for both you and your child. Check out our article on self-care for kids to give you some helpful tips

Get Creative

If your child is struggling with a particular subject, allow them to get creative with their approach to it. For instance, maths and science can be a struggle for kids who are better at the arts, so it’s helpful for them to see those subjects in a different light.

Music is a great medium when it comes to learning maths, but you can also allow your child to create a painting with a compass, or by using geometric shapes. Look online for some grade-appropriate ideas that will help make particular subjects easier for your child.

Child playing creatively with paper and glue

It has certainly been a tumultuous time for school kids of all ages. Hopefully, these tips will help you encourage you to get engaged and understand how to make learning fun for kids.


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Written by Anya Willis of FitKids


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