Best Baby Teething Toys – Top Rated Teething Toys To Brighten Baby’s Day

Teething is a tough phase for a baby. They’re in pain. They’re feeling lousy. They’re irritable and generally just fed up. You can’t blame them. When you think about what’s actually happening to them it must be pretty horrible. Luckily we can’t remember going through it and neither will they eventually. But in the meantime you can help them relieve their symptoms and cheer them up with one of these.

The best baby teething toys are:

  • Beech Wood and Silicone Teething Bracelet
  • Nuby Bug A Loop Teether
  • Matchstick Monkey Dancing Monkey Teething Toy
  • Baby Teething Mitten
  • ANGELBLISS Baby Teething Toys Set (4 Pack)



1. Beech Wood and Silicone Teething Bracelet

Price:£9.95      Rating: 9/10

I love this teething bracelet. Not only is it cute as a button, but it also has different shapes, textures and colours for your baby to enjoy. They’ve called it a bracelet but it’s not really for wearing. It’s a perfect size and weight for the baby to be able to pick it up and hold it easily.

It’s handmade from natural beech wood that is sanded to make it safe, smooth and splinter-free. The wood is treated with 100% organic olive oil to seal it and help prevent cracks. The silicone beads are made from food-grade silicone. They are odourless and tasteless and free from BPAs, lead, cadmium, phthalates and mercury. Each bracelet is double threaded and separately knotted for extra security so you don’t have to worry about the beads coming loose.

It’s easy to clean. Just wipe it over with a damp cloth and a bit of soap. You can reseal it when needed with olive oil on a clean cloth. If you do have any problems the company seem only too happy to help. All in all, a great little buy. I received mine as a gift but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one for my son if he needed a new one. They are well-made and long-lasting though, so, for now, the one he has is still fine.


2. Nuby Bug A Loop Teether

Price: £4.09      Rating: 6/10

This one was another gift for my son and although initially, he didn’t seem that impressed he showed more interest as he got a bit older, around 10 months. I think it’s a little bit bulky for smaller babies to hold but that could have just been my experience. The colours are great and the little bugs are a really fun detail.

The beads are made from BPA free silicone and each one has a different surface texture. Again, they are a bit large and not easy for smaller babies to gnaw on. The bugs are made of a harder plastic so not that comfortable for biting either. It’s easy to clean, just wipe it with soap and hot water. Not suitable for sterilising.

The Bug A Loop Teether was the silver winner at the Practical Parenting awards 2010/11 for best Baby Toy under £20.


3. Matchstick Monkey Dancing Monkey Teething Toy

Price: £14.95       Rating: 8/10

Truth be told, my son never had one of these (because no one bought him one ?). My niece has one though and I rarely see her without it. These monkey toys are really popular and a bit of a classic. They come in 15 different colours and 3 different sizes: the Mini Monkey teether (3-12 months), the original Monkey Teether (6-12 months), and the Dancing Monkey Teether (12-36 months).

It’s made completely from food grade silicone and is ergonomically designed to be easily held. There are different textures on different parts, ridges, bumps and smooth areas. There’s also a bumpy spot on the back of the head where you can put teething gel if you’re using it. This part of the head is also supposed to help relieve pain where new teeth have broken through the gum. The Monkey is dishwasher and cold water steriliser safe.

Even though this seems very popular I think it’s quite pricey for a teething toy, and there have been a few reports of the bumps on the head being quite easy to bite off so beware.


4. Baby Teething Mitten

Price: £6.49      Rating: 4/10

I loved the idea of these teething mittens. Baby wouldn’t be picking up toys off of the floor to chew on, and the mitt would be handy (excuse the pun) to munch on whenever he wanted. As teething babies are always shoving their hands in their mouths anyway this seemed like a great solution.

The mitten has nice colours, makes a crinkly sound and the teether surface has lots of bumps and ridges. The top is made from food-grade silicone, free from BPAs and phthalates. It has an adjustable Velcro strap and can be cleaned in the washing machine.

I went ahead and ordered one for my son but unfortunately, it barely fit on his hand. To be fair my son is quite a big boy, but he wasn’t freakishly big for a 6-month-old. When I first got it I managed to get his hand inside, but it didn’t stay put for 5 minutes. Some people love it, I wasn’t a huge fan.


5. ANGELBLISS Baby Teething Toys Set (4 Pack)



Price: £11.99       Rating: 9/10

I had planned on including the Banana Brush and the Fruitpops on this list but then I came across this sweet 4 pack and it looks like great value for money. The Banana brush is another little classic. My son stole his cousin’s not too long ago. He loves it, even now when he’s only missing his four back molars.

All the items in this set are made from 100% food grade silicone and are BPA free. The designs and colours are stimulating. They are easy to hold and have varied surfaces to massage gums and reduce pain. They are also flexible so they won’t cause any damage to the mouth.

Easy to clean, just wash with hot water and soap or pop in the steriliser. They come with a handy plastic carry case so you can take them out in your bag and keep them clean. I think these are a great buy. If I’d found this pack first I probably wouldn’t have bought any others.


This list is made up of the popular teething toys that I’ve had some sort of experience with. I hope it helps you to choose a good one for your baby. If you have any questions or you know something about these teethers that I don’t then please feel free to leave a comment.


Debbie x


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